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The Fundraising 360°

Are you a small or medium size nonprofit with a tiny but mighty staff wearing multiple hats struggling to get your fundraising efforts off the ground? Maybe you can’t identify why your fundraising efforts aren’t paying off. Perhaps you don’t have a clue what your next step should be when it comes to fundraising.

Wherever you’re at in the process you might consider a Fundraising 360°.

Organizations are facing staff burnout and finding it difficult to retain good people. Many nonprofits, with limited staff, are so busy keeping all the balls in the air that there’s little to no time to pause and think strategically.

The Fundraising 360° looks at six critical areas when it comes to fundraising:

  1. Governance: The leadership that the Board demonstrates is critical to both short term success and long-term evolution to a mature, balanced, and successful development program.

  2. Public Persona: The organization may be ‘internally’ ready to move to new heights in fundraising success, but external readiness is equally critical. Are you in alignment?

  3. Systems and Procedures: Many organizations expect high performance from their fundraising team, but don’t have the resources or infrastructure to do an effective job or have the systems and procedures in place to operate efficiently.

  4. Planning and Evaluation: You need a map to guide you where you want to go and the time and space to review where you’ve been to make adjustments and keep moving forward.

  5. Donor Centered Communications: The most successful fundraising organizations have donor centered communications, always striving to maintain the donor’s perspective.

  6. Culture of Philanthropy: Successful non-profits embrace a fundraising culture and recognize there are many ways to raise money.

The Fundraising 360° is a tool that can help you understand where your organization’s strengths are and identify areas that may need further development and/or areas to be implemented.

For example, you might have a stewardship plan in place, but, are you communicating the same way to all your supporters? If so, that might be part of the problem. Or, perhaps, you are experiencing challenges/pushback around the idea that everyone is a fundraiser in your organization.

The Fundraising 360° can help uncover hidden areas that might be holding your fundraising efforts back. The assessment can help you make informed decisions to get your organization to the next level of fundraising.

If you think your organization is at a crossroads with fundraising or want to learn more about the Fundraising 360° and how it might benefit your organization then reach out to Dandelion Consulting and lets talk. You can learn more by clicking the Fundraising 360°.

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