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Brian Williams
Founder & President

I've been working in the nonprofit sector since 2003 leading fundraising departments and eventually leading an organization as Executive Director.


My career began at United Way of Metro Chicago before transferring to United Way of Greater Kansas City. After working with United Way for nine years I left to go to a small nonprofit (where I was the only full-time staff) and found out quickly I had a lot to learn…and fast!


Initially shell shocked, I started wearing the many hats that one wears at a small nonprofit. I worked long hours and struggled to find the support I needed to be successful for the organization.


I was initially exhilarated being at a smaller nonprofit—I loved the challenges. All of them – but there was never enough time, resources, and capacity to do the job well.


From that first, small nonprofit, I moved to other smaller organizations always with responsibilities around raising money and awareness for their missions. After another decade in the sector, I began to feel the burnout so many of us experience. I was exhausted.


But, in my exhaustion, I discovered my true passion. I was dedicated to working with small nonprofits growing: revenue, mission awareness, and board engagement.


That led me to create Dandelion Consulting.


If you are working at a smaller nonprofit and can relate to my story,

then let’s talk.

You can view my LinkedIn profile.

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