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Why "Dandelion"?

According to Petal Republic, "The bright yellow Dandelion flower is a symbol of growth, hope, and healing. The greatest significance comes from its unique and instantly recognizable seed head, rather than the sunny flower. The seed heads are commonly picked and blown to make a wish, spreading the seeds at the same time. This has given the flower a strong association with hope and optimism."

Nonprofits offer growth, hope, and healing. But, too often, small and medium-sized nonprofits struggle to raise money and awareness for their mission for a variety of reasons. Imagine if the seed head of a dandelion were your donors, volunteers, staff, and board spreading across your community raising awareness and money for your mission.


Dandelion Consulting, a fundraising consulting firm in the Kansas City Metro, can work with your nonprofit to equip and empower those who believe in your mission to spread out into the community, like the seeds of a dandelion, raising awareness and money for your organization.


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